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>> eric: that's it for us. >> jamie: have a great day, everybody. take care. >> we begin with a fox news alert. for a sixth day now, a little boy's being held in a bunkener alabama. the man who allegedly took him and killed a school bus driver shows no signs of letting the boy go. hello, elizabeth. >> reporter: we had a press conference this morning, rescheduled for this afternoon. but we did get an email from authority who is said they are
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in open communication, 24 hours a day with this suspect and the young boy inside the bunker. he continues to get food and potato chips and toys as well as his medication. but i want to give you a live look, just hours from now, we are expecting the funeral to begin, 2:00 p.m. local for the man who sacrificed his life to protect those children in the bus at the incident on tuesday evening. if you look, you can see, there are 300 seats live, reserved for family and friends and also school officials. but i want to talk a little bit about how the community has been handling it. since woe have gotten on the ground, we had a number of canle vigils every night. people banding together, praying for the boy's safe return special mourning the fact they have lost one of their own. personal look.i want to give we are seeing the ribbons pop up, the plaque symbolizing the slain bus driver and the blue and the red are the boy's school
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colors. in front of his elementary school, we are seeing the ribbons placed all over. as the day continue, it is a somber day and at 2:00 p.m., we examine the funeral to begin. >> thank you very much. the hostage situation started on tuesday when the suspect allegedly killed a school bus driver and abducted the five-year-old and took him into the underground bunker. dykes had been expected in court on monday in an unrelated altercation with his neighbors. the bus driver will be laid to rest today. an american hero killed on u.s. soil, former navy seal and celebrated author of "american sniper," chris kyle was shot and killed in a gun range yesterday. he was 38 years old. >> reporter: the loss of chris kyle, the u.s. military's most lethal sniper has stunned the
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military community where he was revered for his skill and heroic service. he wrote the best-selling auto biocography, "american sniper." it details his 150-plus kills of american insurgents. he and another man were killed at rough creek lodge in texas yesterday afternoon. the accused shooter is believed to be a former troubled soldier. 25-year-old eddy ray root of lancaster is believed to have shot the victims around 3:30 in the afternoon. fleeing the lodge in a pickup truck. a 911 call reporting the debets didn't come in until roughly 2 hours later in the afternoon. a motive is unclear am but local texas station wfaa channel 8 is reporting that root suffered post traumatic stress disorder. kyle and chad littlefield had taken root to the range to help
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him cope and root reportedly turned on the two men, shooting them in the back. at approximately 8:00 p.m., he arrived in his residence in lancaster. police took him into custody after a brief pursuit. witnesses describe the scene. >> they had all kinds of officers out here. they had that very same truck, jacked up here. i am sitting here, i was scared. i was peeking out. they had -- they had like four shotguns on him, i believe. it's dark, so i did the best counting i could. >> he faces two counts of capital murder. chris kyle leaves behind a wife and two kids. >> the white house says they economy is beginning to heal as the dow passes the the 15,000 market. and the housing market shows sign signs of recovery.
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but unemployment is up and the white house hasn't passed a budget or cut spending. it's a mixed bag, adding up to a catastrophe, according to our next guest, an author from nashville. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. the other story, i have a son-in-law, a former sniper. it's very touching, awful story. >> it is. our sympathies go out to the two families that are involved and the loved ones of of both of them. you are an expert in the economy. we have had positive signs. why do you think we are headed in the wrong direction? >> we are not growing fast enough to bring the unemployment rate down and get rid of the huge unemployment and the people who have ls left the labor force. you know, the longer this time last. it is not just a number. these are the real people who lose their pride, their self-esteem and their jobs
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skills and their chance to becoming productive americans and especially the very, very young. the teenagers and the inner-city dwellers. it is a loping-term disability that they are creating here. we must grow a heck of a lot faster to bring this problem back under control. it's just not happening. known of the data really indicate rapid resurgence in economic growth. that's when we need. >> you talk about growth. we know that the gdp for the last quarter was not good, it's in negative territory. what exactly, when we seesay gdp, what does that mean, why should they be concerned? >> on the gdp numbers, that's total gross product of the united states. when it declines, it means our country is shrinking, even though our population is expanding, which means that the income per capita of our citizens is declining. when you compare this period to when reagan was president in 1983 and 1984, our growth rates
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were in the range of 7 1/2% on average the first four quarters of '83 and it extended through bill clinton. we are going to lose a lot. you know, these people are a precious natural resource. you can't get back a year of unemployment for a person. it's a tragic loss of a perishable asset. >> and that downward negative growth, meaning not growth in the fourth quarter, a lot of folks say. >> it's a decline. >> with the defense spending being down, we know that sequestration is looming. that is going to cut defense spending, like it or not, if it's not resolved. what is your take on sequestration and the economy? >> i mean, sequestration is also -- lards causing it to decline in the fourth quarter. but without sequestration, have you very slow growth.
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you had a lot of people shift income into 2012 out of 2013, which tended to offset the sequestration. but have you a serious long-term problem. i hope they don't go through with the sequestration. i hope they don't do. it i hope an agreement comes on. i am not hopeful, but i hope it does happen. >> we hope they are learning to you, dr. art laffer, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> outgoing secretary leon panetta will face lawmakers over the military's response to the terrorist attack in benghazi that killed chris stevens and three others. but panetta was already on the hot seat today and insisted that the military did all that it could. >> very frankly, intelligence didn't provide any warning that this in fact was going to happen. this is not 911. you cannot just simply and all expect within 2 minutes to have a team in place. it takes time.
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that's the nature of it. our people are there. they're in position to move. but we have to have good intelligence that gives us a heads up. >> secretary panetta is scheduled to testify on thursday republican senator from nebraska says he will support chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary, saying that he earned the endorsement after testifying on the hill last week. he is the second republican to publicly back hagel. democrats have largely supported president obama's pick to follow outcomegoing secretary leon panetta. the new poll shows the federal government is not popular with the american public. a majority of americans thinks it threatens their personal rights and freedom. let's talk about it. david mercer and former rnc spokesperson is here for a fair and balanced debate about why everybody's so cranky. good to see you both.
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>> good tesee you. >> so now, we believe it's the first time in the history of the poll who have a majority of american who is say they are not happy with the federal government. >> in the poll, if you look deep into it, it says outright that conservative republicans who in 2010 had a 62%... feeling of being threatened by the government, now it's up to 76%. so i think that's largely driving this new number that we are seeing in the poll, which is to say, what is it attributed to? a lot of factor, being the financial crisis, starting in 2008 and i think also a lot of gridlock and partisanship, which we all need to take a note of so we can get to fair and balanced approaches to policy and get them done and enacted legislatively so we can lower or raise the numbers in terms of the trust in government. but i think it's a wake-up call
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as republicans are looking at in retreat at what happened in the november elections, when you have boehner, speaker boehner being the least popular of the leadership in congress. contrast this with president obama being 53% approval rating. i think whipping up all of this frustration with the government, as has been done, maybe by the tea party or what we have tael called the party of no is something is not serving the country well or the electoral goals of the republican party. >> i like your mention of fair and balanced. >> i don't agree. here's way think the reality is. we have gotten an assault on personal freedom in this country, first of wall obamacare, people are going to the doctor eye experienced taking my daughter to the pediatrician. they are asking, does anyone smoke, do have you guns in the home? why are our personal freedoms
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threatend? just friday, 160 pages were released by the obama administration, governing school lunches and vending machines. now they are saying that we have to have diet soda and low-cal foods, all in an effort to combat obesity. i think parents know how to govern obesity in the homes. how about more physical education, i have one who needs to run around several times a day. how about parent who is think that diet soda is not the way to go? i prefer my kids to drink the soda and brush their teeth, instead of drrching diet sodasm i think this poll is like americans, parents are feeling an assault on personal freedom and how they raise their family, how they live their lives. >> another number i thought was interesting, only 26% of people in this poll say they trusted
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the federal government to do the right thing. only a quarter of americans. >> that's because, when you go to 2011 and see that seven months was dedicated to arguing about the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling, which does not one thing to add to the budget deficit. not one nickel of spenning, it's agreeing to pay the bill. we waited seven months and threaten ord credit rating. the american people are sick of that. they want action. they want their taxes low, as we just saw happen reinly in avoiding the fiscal cliff -- which came as i might add through bipartisanship. the republicanses came through with the table to what obama proposed and he compromised with raising it to the $4,000 level. that's the action that people want to see. >> speaking of our president, he said during obamacare, oh, you're premiums wouldn't be raised. sorry, david. that's exactly what we are
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seeing -- >> when 2014 comes along -- [overlapping dialogue] >> americans are not able to keep their health insurance. another thing the president promised. >> i have to say, after an absence of david being out, with personal issues and health issues, we are glad to see you back. >> it's a pleasure to be back. >> happy to have you both. >> a bus transporting a philadelphia youth group rammed into a boston-area bridge, injuring dozens. the high school students and their chaperons had wrapped up a visit to harvard university. four people were hospitalized. police say the bus driver failed to heed low-clearance warning signs. the obama administration announcing changes to the mandate that employers who provide insurance, make sure it has cost-free access to birth control. more than 40 federal lawsuits are pending, including one by hobby lobby. we'll talk live to the company a
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>> i don't know if it worked or
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not. i mean, i haven't looked at all the statistics. common sense tells me that if it is much more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to get assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and disbuns in eligible that we will save lives. >> if you limit the american public's access to semi-automatic technology, you limit their ability to survive. >> the gun debate is taking center stage on capitol hill. high talked with chris wallace about his exclusive interviews. the debate over guns, new gun law, potentially on capitol hill is very active here in washington. hutwo key voices on this this morning, not a lot of common ground between the two. >> no. but very interesting discussion. first of all, mark kelley, former astronaut, former retired navy captain, husband of gabby giffords, who was so brutally shot two years ago, who gave
9:21 am
dramatic testimony on capitol hill and wayne la pie for 20 years has been the chief spokesman for the nra and altthe center of every debate in this country over guns. >> what do you make of his point and many who are critical of what senator dianne feinstein has proposed, over the fact that we do have hundreds if not thousands of lawses on the books already. >> it's a legitimate point. they are not being forced. i asked markicle bethat, who is a big supporter of gun control. he said, i would like to see them enforced. he is not saying that everything the nra is saying is wrong. remember, this is a retired navy captain. me and gabrielle giffords had and have guns. but he says, that doesn't solve a lot of the problems. i thought this was one of the revelations, i don't think they have much of a chance of getting
9:22 am
an assault weapons ban. there is a growing realization, it is not going to happen on capitol hill this year. i think there is much more of a support and push and chance for a element on the size of magazines and especially for an expansion of the background check. and the polls indicate, a lot of nra number members support the idea, with a history of mental illness, and if there is a criminal record, there should be a limit. the person who shot gabrielle giffords had been kicked out of college because he was seen as a threat. it is not just the background check, it has to be more effective. if somebody has a problem, it has to get in the records. >> fox news sunday airs right after america's news headquarters. a gun control coalition is running a super bowl ad, narrated by children and features an instrumental version of "america the beautiful" in the background and features
9:23 am
nra's ceo saying, he supports background check, which he says are not enforced and criminals won't get them. mayors against illegal guns is led by michael bloomberg. coming up, the latest on the hostage situation in alabama, as it drags into its sixth day. and a big change to an obamacare mandate. but will it really make a difference? we'll talk to one of the critics. marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock.
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>> an alabama bus driver will be laid to rest as the boy he died trying to protectri remains a hostage in an underground burvegger. >> reporter: charles poland is being remembered for his good deeds, fixing tractors and killing a neighbor's garden. yesterday, hundreds gathered to
9:28 am
mourn the bus driver who allegedly died at the hands of jimmy lee dykes, the man accused of holding a five-year-old boy hostage. poland's funeral will be held this afternoon. a former navy seal is dead after he was shot at a texas gun range. chris kyle is credited with the most confirmed sniper kills, topping 150. a lone gunman opened fire at the range, killing kyle and another patron, chad littlefield. the gunman has been charged with capitol murder. president obama will head to minnesota tomorrow to promote his gun control plan. he chose minneapolis because the city is implementing some of the things he would like to see done nationally. minneapolis has a newell knuth violence initiative. washington redskins quarterback rg3 has been minted the
9:29 am
offensive rookie of the year. robert griffin iii led washington to the first east title. >> thanks for the update. hobby lobby, the christian-owned arts ach -- arts & crafts store is facing $3 million fines a day that it comply with a government mandate for birth control pills in their health insurance. what will the mandate modification mean to hobby lobby and other companies. we have the representative for hobby lobby and other plaintiffs who near a similar situation. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> 80 pages on friday from the administration. they said this was an attempt to mollify the concerns of those who say we have a religious objection to this. what does it do for hobby lobby?
9:30 am
>> it doesn't do anything. the administration goes out of its way to make clear that a for-profit business owner, like the green family who has run hobby lobby in conformative with their religious principles for 40 years. they have no rights. when guto work, you become an atheist. >> it's interesting. there are so many companies. there are religious organizations and companies like a publisher that publicious bibles. will that qualify? if any of the money you take in goes to investors or shareholders, you are a for-profit company, you don't have religious rights, even a bible publisher or a kosher butcher or a company like hobby lobby that loses millions of dollars a year, by closing on sundays. from the government's point of of view, you don't have a right to your religion. no help from the government at
9:31 am
all on friday. >> this is part what have kathleen sebelius had to say. she said, today the administration is taking the next step in providing women across the nation with coverage of recommended preventive care at no cost, while reporting religious concerns. the administration believes it has met the concerns. >> well, shannon, for the many people whose religious rights are violated by this mandate, many of them have sued. they have been waiting for well over a year for something very simple, an exemption from the mandate. simply, that's what we do with people who have religious objections to laws. we exempt them. that's what these people have been waiting for and that's not what they got. the exemption that only applies to a house of worship was not expanded one inch. so the administration didn't do anything for the exemption or the business owners like hobby lobby. all they really did was propose a bookkeeping measure for certain religious organizations
9:32 am
that may not really solve the problem at all. it wasn't a good feds for the religious plaintiffs in these cases. >> i talked to some of the others who feel even if they fit in because of the accounting maneuvers their money is going to be used to cover something they have moral and religious objections to. i know that you went to the supreme court and it was turned down, saying you can't get a free pass to not comply. the mayors of the case, with 40-plus lawsuits. how do you think it ends? >> we think it's very possible that it may end up back in the supreme court. all justice sotomayor said was that she would not get involved in this time and let the regular appellate process go. hobby lobby is in appeals court in denver. a number of business cases are on appeal. we should start to see decisions by this summer and we may have to go back to the supreme court for the last round, so to speak,
9:33 am
to see if the business ownersville their rights respected by the government. >> thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> a portrait of jesus has been hanging hanging in the hallway've an ohio middle school more than other than 60 years. but now the aclu says it has to go. we will have a fair and balanced debate on that, next. ♪
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>> all over the world, she has been hailed as a hero for standing up to the taliban and now the girl who was brutally attacked has been nominated for the nobel peace prize. the 15-year-old girl was attacked by gunmen, traveling home from school in october. the teenager was targeted for writing a blog that criticized the taliban for keeping girls from getting an education. more good news from the girl. the doctor successfully carried out a five-hour surgery on
9:38 am
london to reconstruct her skull and help restore her lost hearing. for more than sick years, a portrait of jesus has hung in middle school, along with other well-known and important people in history. but that may be ending. the freedom from religion and the aclu says it violates the first amendment and wants to take it down. hiram, what have you been able to tell the school about the demand that the portrait of jesus has to go? >> well, we have been asked by the school district to do a report and recommendation. one of the things that we found out is that, you know, this is the back bone of america, jackson, ohio. these are hard-working fireworks and they have been part of building america. they sent a lot of people overseas in world war ii and just afterwards, they were experiencing a lot of the hope
9:39 am
and the -- and -- and looking towards a better future, post world war ii and one of the members of the christian club there in 1947, who was going to be the valedictorian, frank rice, he died of leukemia. that was t club put the jesus portrait up in the school. they hung it up for themselves and even in consequent years have taken pictures with it, to identify it with their club. i think it's a shame that the freedom from religion foundation wants to come down and from wisconsin and go to jackson ohio, and tell them that they can't have their jesus portrait in the hallway. >> we are having trouble getting dan barker on. we will have him up, as soon as we can. but let me have you respond. they are saying that a portrait of jesus in a public school is amounting to government endorsement of religion and violates the first amendment and
9:40 am
there is no way it can stay? >> well, you know, we are in the process of doing our -- our investigation. but i think one thing is pretty clear, is that... we have in this case, the christian club that put it up in 1947, the year that frank rice died of leukemia. you know, i think we have to be very careful when it comes to dealing with the free speech rights of clubs that may be allowed to be able to put up a portrait and poster. have you to be very careful in these situations not to infringe upon their free speech right it is. >> i know a number of school directs have faced similar lawsuits. we are not to the point of a lawsuit in this case. this portrait is part of a hall that does include other historic people from the community that are important to the school. but for the average school district facing this kind of demand, there was a complaint by someone who was offended and
9:41 am
felt it was inappropriate for the public school, how does the school weigh making the decisions, it is not inexpensive to have an attorney. your organization may be stepping in free of charge. but some schools may say, this isn't a fight we take on. >> the freedom from religion foundation sends out a thousand letters a year, threatening lawsuits, but they are not able to bring a lawsuit in every one of those. they are counting on school districts deciding they want to back down and give in without doing a proper investigation. that's why liberty institute stands ready to -- to help any school district that receives one of these letters because we want to be able to do the investigation, historical research that the supreme court says has to be done before any determination can be made as to whether or not a portrait like this would be allowed to stay. >> hiram sasser, our apologies to our viewers that dan barker
9:42 am
from freedom from religion foundation was not pard -- not part of this due to technical difficulties. we wrk him. we'll try to do bring both sides of this issue to the program. the arch bishop of los angeles is ark pol ising to parishioners after a sex scandal that resulted in a retired cardinal being stripped of his duties. more after the break. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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>> hundreds in alabama held a prayer vigil for a boy being held hostage in an underground bunker. they have sent in comfort items, such as potato chips and toys. but so far, there is no sign that the man who allegedly killed his school bus driver and kidnapped the boy will surrender a 33-year-old mother of two vanished nearly 2 weeks ago, on the day she was supposed to fly home from istanbul. several people have been detained for questioning in her death.
9:47 am
by the time dreamers are safe, batteries have been -- now the government is allowing lithium ion batteries on planes as cargo. pilots and safety advocates say the batteries shouldn't be in the air, period. churches within the archdiocese of los angeles will be hearing an apology this morning. arch bishop jose gomez will be issuing an apology in the mass. >> reporter: hey, there. arch bishop gomez, presiding over four million catholics in the los angeles archdiocese. many will likely hear him express regrets about fresh sex abuse files in a letter due to be read out in mass. 12,000 pages of previously confidential document, detailing decades of abuse and they reveal how the church leadership
9:48 am
attempted to cover it up. the acts committed by the priests are said to be said and evil and the letter goes on, there is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to these children, he says. the priests involved had their duty to be their spiritual fathers and they failed. the documents, many of them with shocking and sometimes excruciatingly painful details were released on the archdiocese web site in a 2007 settlement with more than 500 sex abuse victim who is shared in a record $660 million settlement. dating as far as the 1940s, the paper showed that cardinal roger roger mahony and his vicker, knowingly shifted priests from parish to parish and conspired to protect them from the law. while most of the abusive priests were defrocked, the church has a policy of reporting allegations of abuse and
9:49 am
removing the priests from the ministry, shannon? >> thank you very much for the update. coming up, we will have the latest on the former navy seal regarded as the deadliest sniper in history, who was killed yesterday. and an update on the hostage situation in alabama. ave diabet. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> time for a look beyond the news, liz trotta's suspected commentary.
9:53 am
>> anwar sadat, the great president of egypt who threw the russians out of his country and sine-aid peace treat weisrael, said, quote, the russians can give you arms, but only the united states can give you a solution. he signed the camp david accords and was assassinated in 1981 by then trained in the terror tactics of the muslim brotherhood. is it an accident or poke in the eye that the brotherhood's slogan claims that, quote, islam is the solution. it is unfathomable that president obama and his outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton have resorted to platitudes or silence in the face of the egyptian upheaval. thea have offered no solutions, more than 60 people were killed last week in the riots that engulfed cairo and three cities on the suez canal. opinions are mixed as to who the rioters are -- their thug, mill tans, activists or young men out of work. whoever they are, the united
9:54 am
states cannot rely on drones to get out of this mess. to the interested reader or tv viewer, the middle-east seems an endless series of bloodshed and mayhem. the riots, threats and murder blend into abstraction and one country's agony sound like another's. americans leave it up to the administration to sort it all out. surely, they have a policy. unfortunately, if there is a policy for egypt, the middle-east's most populist arab nation, with 85 million people, president obama has failed to define t. president muhammad morsi, backed by the muslim brotherhood has made it clear that his goal amounts to a grab for power and the virtual installment of militant isram's -- islam's sharia law. president obama is sending tanks and the first installment of 20 f-16 fighters to egypt, even as members of congress are under
9:55 am
pressure to consider conduct off foreign aid. their 1.5 billion annually, most of it to the egyptian armed force with few strings ark tached. morsi's relationship to the powerful army is murky and u.s. military contractors provide badly needed jobs at home. furthermore, morsi's anti-semetic statements hover over the crisis. tapes recorded two years ago and recently made public, show the president of egypt calling jews descendants of apes and pig, blood suckers. his hackneyed defense -- my words were taken out of context. no apology forth coming. he told a u.s. delegation that the remarks were made public jays because the american media is controlled by, quote, certain forces. and a senior aide promons nounced the holocaust a hoax on
9:56 am
january 27, holocaust commemoration day. they weren't slaughtered, they move to the nuzz world war ii and the story had no traction until forbes magazine stepped in. consequently, while morsi was in germany last week, begging for investment in egypt's staggered economy, the chancellor lectured him about human rights and freedom. at the white houts, president obama's spokesman joined in to condemn the poisonous rhetoric. each of the opposition leaders called for a national unity government. morsi says he won't act until after parliamentary elections in april. egypt's defense chief added to the turmoil, warning of the collapse of the state. is this a signal to morsi that a coup is not far off. the obama administration seems to be strangely absent in all of this, just as detached as they
9:57 am
were in benghazi, when the administration's stood by as four americans met their death. it would be enlightening to know where the u.s. stands and what it plans to do about egypt. but as they say in las vegas, don't bet on it. >> we -- watching several breaking stories as we get ready to kick off a new hour of america's news insurgents nicknamed him the devil of ramadi, but today, police are working to find out navy seal and american hero chris kyle was murdered. it's day 6 of a terrifying hostage standoff in alabama. a five yearly boy remains trapped in an underground bunker with an accused killer. plus, my exclusive interview with wyoming senator john barrasso about why president obama's nominee for defense secretary is wrong for the job and a one on one with the former
9:58 am
chair of the homeland security committee. live from the nation's capitol. >> an american hero gunned down on american soil. police in texas are trying to figure out why a man shot and killed chris kyle at a texas gun range. we go live with the latest on the case. >> reporter: chris kyle is the u.s. military's most lethal sniper and another man, both were killed at the rough creek lodge in texas. the accused shooter is believed to be a troubled former soldier. the loss of 38-year-old kyle has stunned the military community. he received multiple valor awards, including two silver stars and five bronze stars and he wrote the best-selling auto biography "american sniper." the story details his 150-plus
9:59 am
kills of insurgents. he helped create the thick goat cares foundation, a #nonprofit that helps soldiers recover from post traumatic stress disorder. he was known to take former veterans shooting as a form of therapy. eddy ray ruth was the shooter, believed to have shot the victims around 3:30 in the afternoon, fleeing the lodge area in a pickup truck. a motive remains unclear, but he reportedly suffered from ptsd. according to friend, kyle and 35-year-old chad littlefield had taken ruth to the range in an effort to help him cope and he reported three turned on the two men. at approximately 8:00 p.m., ruth arrived home and the lancaster police took him into custody. ruth faces two counts of capitol murder. kyle was a true american patriot and had appeared many times here on fox news, where he talked about his love of country.
10:00 am
>> have you to show respect that. flag is red, white and blue. and the red is for the blude that guys have spilled, all through our history. you are not going out trying to kill people and rack up numbers, you are going out to save americans. >> reporter: he was a father and a husband. chris kyle leaves behind a wife and children. >> all right, thank you. >> an anxious community continues to hope for good news, where a boy is being held in an underground bunker continues into its sixth day. gee to midland city, alabama for the latest.
10:01 am
authorities state is suspect jimmy lee dykes continues to make the boy as comfortable as possible. police have said nothing about a motive or any demands. however, residents say that dykes has strong antigovernment views and would threaten any one who came close to his property are. one neighbor says dykes beat to death her 15-year-old dog max with a lead pipe. listen to her. >> he actually brought like a deer stand and put it up over his fence. and wasn't even maybe 20-yards from us and climbed up it. he sat on it with a rifle across his lap and watched us. >> the standoff has been going on since tuesday afternoon when the is suspect allegedly boarded this school bus shoot the driver who tried to resist him and taking the
10:02 am
five-year-old boy hostage. residents are calling the bus driver charles poland, jr. a hero. a funeral is scheduled this afternoon at the ozark civic center to accommodate what is everyone expects is going to be a very large crowd. shannon, the funeral scheduled to get underway in two hours from now. back to you. >> jonathan, thank you. >> shannon: senate majority leader harry reid says he has the utmost confidence in fellow senator robert menendez. he has been mentioned in connection with an fbi investigation into one of his political donors. reid said that he is sure menendez did nothing wrong and proving that is what investigations are all about. the next big legislative debate here in washington. guns. peter doocy has the latest. hello, peter. >> reporter: talk on capitol hill about perhaps trying to set up a universal background check system to reduce gun
10:03 am
violence. wane la pear from the national rifle association said that wouldn't do anything. >> it is a fraud to call it universal. it willle never be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they could care less. you have already seen you are not going to computerize the mental health records. we ought to quit calling it right now a universal check. the title ought to be a check on law abiding people all over the country. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid who says he thinks it is possible to support the second amendment and universal background checks is not going to let wayne la pierre and the nra get in his way. >> we have a lot of special interest groups that come and complain about things and we don't listen to them. we will listen to them and make the right decision. >> senator reid says he didn't vote for an assault weapons ban in the '90s because he doesn't think it made sense then and he hasn't looked
10:04 am
closely at democratic senator feinstein's proposed ledge legislation but he will. banning assault weapons is a top priority for commander mark kelly the husband of congress woman gabriel giffords. >> i know the value of having an assault weapon a and it is to kill a lot of people quickly and i think they are way too readily available and i think in time we will be able to address the issues. >> reporter: but you wayne la pierre from the nra says the best way to reduce gun violence is to enforce existing gun laws and round up gangs in places like chicago. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you very much. rick she hi resigned just as records were released showing he made thousands of late night phone calls to women on a state issued cell phone. the governor said he was deeply disappointed.
10:05 am
sheehy's wife filed for divorce back in july. >> saying the political knives came out defense secretary leon panetta voiced disappointment about the confirmation hearing last week for former senator chug hagel the man nominated to replace panetta as defense secretary. steve centanni has the details. >> the man who currently holds the top spot at the pentagon defense secretary leon panetta appearing on the sunday talk shows and saying former nebraska senator chuck hagel is well prepared to succeed him in the job. suggesting the tough you questioning during thursday's heated confirmation hearing amounted to so much political theater. >> it is obvious that the political knives were out for chuck hagel. >> and meaning this was totally personal and partisan? >> what disappointed me is they talked a lot about past quotes. what about what a secretary of defense is confronting today. we just did not see enough time spent on discussing those
10:06 am
issues and in the end that is what counts. >> panetta says hagel should have been questioned more about issues like the war in afghanistan and the war on terrorism in general or the turmoil in the middle east. cyber attacks and looming budget cuts that could severely impact the pentagon. he came under fire for past statements about israel, iran and nuclear strategy. as it stands at least 12 republicans plan to vote against. only two have said they will vote for him. those two are toda thad cochran of mississippi and. >> the right standard for the senate to set and at that level i think he makes it but i don't think he makes with a lot of room to spare. >> senator blount is among hagelvoting against heigl,
10:07 am
citing too much inconsistencies. >> panetta took to the sunday shows and defended his department's response to the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead. he will be taking his case to lawmakers on capitol hill during a public hearing where he is sure to face tough questions. joining us to talk about that and a whole lot more is new york congressman peter king. sir, thanks for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: you heard lots of explanations about what happened with benghazi. what part of the puzzle to you think secretary panetta may be able to add when testifies before the senate this week? >> i have a great regard for secretary panetta. the fact is there is still so many unanswered questions involving benghazi including the advance notice we got of possible attacks against the consulate. why the administration continued to deny it was a terrorist attack for so long. also, i think it is important for secretary panetta this is more going toward the future but based on benghazi is why
10:08 am
didn't we have more military assets available to come to the assistance of the consulate? some people think that we could have gotten there, actually had the air force command, had the military command to help the consulate. others say they were a position too far away. i think it is important for him to say what are we doing for the future to make sure if an embassy or consulate does come under attack we can get military assets there to provide assistance to those americans who are under attack. >> shannon: congressman, i want to ask you about something else that the secretary talked about on the sunday shows and said in reference to sequester and if congress doesn't get something done with the automatic across-the-board cuts coming at the bebeginning of march he said it will be shameful and irresponsible and we will become less safe if sequester isn't dealt with before the cuts kick in. your response? >> to me it would be disasterrous if the sequester cuts come in, homeland
10:09 am
security, diplomatic security. for instance the embassy that was attacked in turkey that was heavily fortified. if all our embusies are not fortified to that extent then we are leaving americans at risk. al-qaeda and its affiliates and other extremist groups around the world are still out to get us. many ways more dangerous than they were years ago. to cut down on security is inviting attacks against americans and something has to be done. we have to find a way to avoid the sequester. that is the most irrational type of cut you can make, just have arbitrary cuts involving our security. that involves americans lives and death. >> shannon: the talk of sequester goes as part of the bigger conversation about the country's finances, debt, you know, the debt ceiling all of the things that are coming as part this of. interesting that the white house mentioned when we found out that there was a decline in the gdp in the fourth quarter essentially said that it was
10:10 am
the house republicans' fault that gdp fell in the fourth quarter of 2012 because you created so much uncertainty out there. >> you know, i have never seen an administration blame someone else for everything that goes wrong. they spent the first two, three, four years of the administration blaming george bush for what happened and now blaming the republicans in congress. the fact is they control the white house. the democrats control the senate. and it to say that because we are attempting to address the problems that president obama created that somehow we are responsible for what is happening now. no, it is his failed policies. i think they would have a lot more credibility both on capitol hill and with the american people if they admitted that things have gone wrong, let's find a way to go forward. but to be blaming house republicans for are what is happening in the economy now is absolutely ridiculous. again, it is really shameful. time for the president to man up. this happened in his administration he will find that way to go forward, let's
10:11 am
find a way to do it. to be always blaming someone else doesn't show leadership and i don't think it inspires the rest of the world if they see a president running away so shamelessly from responsibility. >> shannon: we hope you can force some sort of partnership together to tackle what you have ahead. congressman king thank you so much for your time today. >> shannon, thank you. >> shannon: responding to comments by vice president joe biden iran's foreign minister says his country is open to talks with the u.s. but insists washington must show "fair and real intentions before iran commits to any such offer." multiple sanctions have been placed on iran's oil sales. the permanent members of the u.n. security council plus germany are planning to meet for another round of talks over iran's nuke program on february 25 in kazakhstan. an israeli official hey s confirmed iran.
10:12 am
speaking at a security conference in germany today defense minister are barack said he can't offer much information beyond what was reported but added the strike proves "when we say something we mean it." assad adding that syria is fully capable of confronting threats and aggression. this is a fox news alert. new video just coming in from washington state where an elementary school has gone up in flames. check this out. firefighters in vancouver, washington battling the blaze overnight. one firefighter has been treated for some injuries but no other injuries have been reported so far. more on that school fire when we know. well, now on to something a little lighter. it is super bowl sunday as you you know. just hours from now in new orleans the san francisco 49ers will go head to head against the baltimore ravens. many of the fans here in the studio today.
10:13 am
brian kilmeade on the ground with the latest happening today. i'm guessing it as 24/7 party for you. >> this is the only time i'm working. >> shannon: thanks a lot, i appreciate it. >> we are not quite on the ground. i will do this. i said how can i make this moment, these quality minutes with shannon bream most profitable and i thought why not give you an idea what is happening inside. the fox news exclusive look what was happening inside the superdome an hour ago to give you an adeof the latest pleases as they get the stage set for the first time in 11 you years for the superdome to host the big show, the super bowl. so new you is everything is that i got yelled at for walking on the paint. i assume it was still wet but i threw your name around and they quickly sub dud subdued and the situation calmed down. you see the cannons set to be
10:14 am
loaded. confetti everywhere. smoke machines. all gets ready to go as the cheerleaders begin to pour in and the halftime show is beginning to report in as well. >> shannon: i heard sirens earlier. maybe your dustup with the authorities is is not over yet. before they get you, can you you tell us what the teams are doing to get ready for the game? for these guys it has to be the biggest game for most of them they will ever play? >> absolutely. even the ravens that have been here before ten years ago and the few left like ray lewis. they feel like this s brand new. new orleans a different venue this time around. all week long running through drills and going through normal practices. yesterday the ravens said family and friends come on down and walk the field with us and tick pictures and have some fun. the 49ers had friends and family watch them in the stands and cheer for them and make some noise and they had things going. it was a get to know your family day on a very special weekend. in terms of who is going to win this game we caught up to nfl great probowler many times and
10:15 am
hall of famer barry sanders. here is what he thinks is going to happen. going to be decided on the ground. that is what he says. >> two dynamic ru runners. physical. ray st. louis probably a little more slippery than -- ray is probably a little more slippery than frank gore but very much both guys are very much a part of the offense and should figure into the game plan. >> talking about ray rice. the run aring back. i do expect the game to be played some what on the ground, eat up some of the clock. when it is all said and done i don't think there s anybody that doesn't think it will beh. >> shannon: may the best team win. a lawsuit filed by thousands of former players over the issue of brain injuries. what do we know about that? >> i know it is the buzz around here and a lot of former players and current players are concerned and a lot o of the former players got together and
10:16 am
are suing riedl helmets along with the nfl saying you didn't do enough to keep us safe. they said the nfl did not give them results. the nfl said we have come back and said we tried everything to keep you safe, this is a hard physical game. i asked the very question to joe namath. he has two knee replacements and his days with alabama even before he bent pro. he had interesting things to say about the nfl and the violence it brings. >> we just learned more about it. the head, the body is not designed for the sport. the knees aren't supposed to bend sideways. the head s not is supposed to get yard and the brain is not supposed to bounce off things. i don't know. we are are on the right track in trying to avoid that kind of contact more and more. but the body is just not fit for the game of football. >> and you factor that in with
10:17 am
junior taking his own life and shooting himself in the chest with the hope that people can study his brain to find out what was going wrong. he had just retired and just in his 40s. they are starting to study the damage to the brain. the question s can you play the game at ooh high level and stay safe. these guys that the point don't seem to care that much. they want to go out and win. safety especially when the president brought it up in the comments in the print article that again brought the whole thing front and sen is teresa payton. that is what is happening out here, shannon. put all that aside at 6:30 when we tipoff and for the guys here they only care about beyonce and the reunion of destiny's child. they are focusing on half time. >> the half time performance by beyonce in which she says no lip synching, she will rock the house. >> evidently some type of surprise. >> brian kilmeade?
10:18 am
>> i have no talent. >> thanks for the hint. thanks. have fun. >> coming up next in the is second hour of america's news headquarters. the boy scouts of america is considering lifting a ban on gays joining their organization. we will talk to the family research council tony perkins about what he says could be bullying towards the organization by what he calls homosexual activists. that is coming up. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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10:22 am
>> shannon: supporters and critics of the boy scouts recent discussion about possibly lifting the ban on gay scouts and scout masters ten to speak out. last week, scout officials announced they would consider allowing the religious and civic groups to sponsor individual scout units to decide their own policies on this issue. yesterday, texas governor rick perry said he sees absolutely no reason to change the current policy banning gay members and leaders asking that the organization shouldn't bend to the womens of what h whims of s popular culture. >> sexuality is not one of the lessons of the scouting. never has been and doesn't need to be. that is the real issue going on
10:23 am
here. >> he made the comment at an annual gathering of scouts in austin. he is the author of a book on my honor in which he details his love of the scouts. they could take up the proposal to change the policy on gay members as early as next week at a national board meeting. our next guest claims the scouts are are being bullied by people he calls homosexual activists. tony perkins joins us. thanks for your time today. what do you think is at work here? >> what s before the boy scouts is a choice to maintain their honor and continue to protect the boys in their watched care or cave in and take a few pieces of corporate is silver. that is what is happening here is you you have these corporation elitists trying to force the political correct agenda upon the boy scouts that have been around for over 100 years helping boys make the transition in manhood. as governor perry said, sexually has no place, teaching
10:24 am
that should be preserved to the parents. that is not something the scouts should be engaged in. >> how do you respond to those that say that the suggestion that somehow a gay scout master suggestsa threat to a chilidog that they would act inapatriotly because of their sexual orientation and they find that insulting. >> although there is a higher incidence of men who have self-identified as homosexual who abuse children, not every homosexual is attracted to children. we never said that. it doesn't pass the parent test. as a parent of three daughters i wouldn't want my neighbor who is a heterosexual a man camping out with my girls. why would i want a man who s attracted to men camping out with my boys? this is studied by the boy scouts for a two year process and they came to the conclusion based upon feedback of parents
10:25 am
and scout leaders they weren't going to change the long standing policy. they were going to keep it in place. now, all of a sud isen they are reconsidering it and it is because the corporations have been threatening to withhold their money from the boy scouts if they do not buy into the political correct view that these corporations are operating under and that is not the mission of the boy scouts. shannon, very clearly what the boy scouts should answer in making this decision is what s in the best interest of the children? >> shannon: we played a little bit of what texas governor rick perry had to say. from the other side the boston globe had an editorial that said gay soldiers serve openly in the armed forces and gay marriage is legal in a number of states. eagle scouts have been returning their balanced plans in protest. the country has changed and it is time for the boy scouts to change with that. >> we are not talking about grown men. we are talking about children who are impressionable and cannot make informed decisions that is why we treat them as children and they will be in an environment where they are
10:26 am
going to be secluded from their parents in many cases and it it is not just about scout leaders. it is about other scouts. look, last fall the boy scouts were forced to release about 19,000 -- about 15,000 pages from what they called the per version files. this he identified between the 1960s and 1990s about 1900 individuals who preyed upon children. now, that was with the policy they had in place. they still had a problem and paid out millions of dollars. now, you you talk about a few scouts turning in their badges. 69% of troops are charter ared by faith-based organizations. what happens when the churches and i have already talked to a number of the pastors whose churches support the boy scouts and charter troops in their churches say we can't do this any more because this local option that they are pursuing a unworkable. this is a time of choosing for the boy scouts.
10:27 am
a choice between the boys that they are helping make the journey to manhood and some corporate dollars. >> shannon: we will see how it plays out. tony perkins of the family research council. thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: some say it is the ultimate invasion of your privacy. a mandatory black bock in your car that can track your every move. find out who thinks it as great idea and can't wait to use the data, up next. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
10:28 am
a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
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>> shannon: hundreds in midland city, alabama held a prayer vigil last night for the boy being held hostage in an underground bunker there. authorities have been able to send in comfort items for the kindergartener including potato chips and toys. the funeral for the brave driver charles poland happens at 3:00 eastern this afternoon.
10:32 am
in the past 90 days alone more than 5701 newly proposed federal regulations posted to the government's website. one could involve big procedure keeping a close eye on your driving habits injuries joining us, could chairman of the national advisory board. good to see you again. >> always a pleasure. >> shannon: black boxes. as i was reading about this and finding out more the amount of information that can be gathered is a little bit overwhelming. not only where you go, how many people are riding in the car, how you stop and how much people weigh. who thinks this s a good idea. >> staggering the amount of information your car presently captures. the obama administration is going to put a target on every single american and have the information the personal private information available for people, some of them for
10:33 am
profit. some of them for are ill purposes. or just simply the government keeping this information. they promise that they are not going to abuse it. but it is nothing in the regulation that is going to stop them. meanwhile, every single aspect about your life, your car are is like an open diary keeping a record of it. >> shannon: reading about this, it is how fast you are driving which would get me in a lot of trouble and things like whether or not you are wearing a seatbelt which we probably all should be. the national highway traffic safety administration says it will tell us what happens right before a crash and we can try to prevent things and keep people safer. is wrong with that? >> we are on a ten year trend where accidents are going downward and loss of life has been going downward. what we don't have as the pry pear problem in america today is that we have a group of people get into an accident and no one will take credit for it. the federal government is claiming that is our big probeason we we need to do this. what they are going to do,
10:34 am
however, is make it possible for all kinds of other personal information. maybe you park your car across the street from your house. maybe you are are dating is someone new and you pick them up on the way to work. maybe you like to stop at starbucks. that is all personal information. it is none of the government's business and it won't have anything to do with investigating an accident. >> shannon: and where will that information go? there is really nothing built into the current regulation as it is written and it is in proposal form right now. will it protect that information from getting to the wrong hands? >> the department of transportation promises that they are not going to abuse it. what they haven't done is set up any process and because they don't have the authority. they actually can't tell your are creepy neighbor he can't set up a device to intercept the data from your car. many of these automobiles if you have a 2012 or 2013 they are able to communicate electronically or over the internet. if your creepy neighbor comes over because the feds have made it even easier are to access that information what are you going be able to do about it?
10:35 am
this kind of data mining is if you create data people are going come for it. now, the first thing i ask is if the feds see that they need some information from your car and they look for the first 60 seconds and they don't find what they are looking for are they go to the next 60 seconds and the next 60 seconds. ha happens to stop them after five minutes of backup in your car saying okay, i guess we are not going to find it? why won't they continue looking backwards and backwards and backwards until they find it? why won't google or other marketing firms buy this information, hire people to access your data over your objections. what are are stalkers now going to do? it's open is season. now, your car tells where you are going be, where do you live, all kinds of information and you don't have anything you can do to stop them because the feds are requiring this information to be made available. >> shannon: i'm a big fan of the fourth amendment. might need a warrant in there some where. always glad to see you. thank you for coming in to tell
10:36 am
us all about this. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: all eyes on new orleans that plays host to the super bowl there will be plenty of time to soak up new orleans culture. arthel went back to her hometown to give us an insiders look at one unique group. >> mardi gras indians have a long storied trace gallagher degree orleans. tradition in new sylvester francis may not want to be an end yan but you he is keeping their history alive by displaying suits donated to him since 1999. >> the word got out i'm opening up and people started calling me and hey, come get my suit. come get my suit. i just couldn't believe it. >> the montana family started the tradition of the mar are degrau indians with the origination of the yellow
10:37 am
pocahontas tribe. it was 150 years ago. at the time, blacks weren't allowed to par tess pate i pare city's mardi gras festivities. >> they boast and show off elaborate suits. the goal, to look the patriotic thetyiest which allows you bragging rights throughout the year. >> when you look at him and he is prettier than you, you are not going to tell him. but you are going to be mad that whole year. now, you got to sort of make sure next year you got him. >> how many hours does it take to sew one suit? >> hours going to be hard but i will tell you if you are going to be an indian you got to sew. and you sew dearly. start with a patch or piece of card board, design some kind of patch and then they will start beading it. and they go from there all the way to making a suit. >> give us an idea of how much money they put into the suits?
10:38 am
>> $6,000, $7,000,, $8,000, $9,000. >> how does it make you feel for these guys to feel it as badge of honor to have their suits here? >> it is a big responsibility. >> up next i will talk with a key republican senator about his opposition to former senator chuck hagel the man the president wants to be the next defense secretary. will the rocky confirmation hearing this week have any real impact? wyoming senator john borasso, next. i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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>> shannon: a federal appeals court recently ruled that president obama overstepped his constitutional authority when appointed three members to the national labor relations board or nlrb while the senate was in recess last year. republican senator john borasso says that means all of the nlrb decisions since the appointments are no good.
10:43 am
earlier, i asked him about his plans to block them. >> i have to think this national labor relations board shannon who were illegally unconstitutionally appointed by the president and made over 200 rulings and i want to make sure they don't make any additional rulings. the president said they would keep on going until the supreme court finally rules. that could be a year from now. i want to make sure no additional rules go forward and that is the legislation i'm introducing. >> shannon: no guarantee the supreme court will take up the case. meantime, how does this affect business owners and union groups and others out who will be the beneficiaries or are in some cases not be so happy about the decisions they get? what happens to them? >> it absolutely creates a cloud of uncertainty over the individuals and they will not know whether to listen to or not listen to the rulings of the nlrb.
10:44 am
one court ruled they are there illegally and unconstitutionally. it is time for the president to work with congress and not try to side step congress and his responsibility as president to work in the role of just putting up a name and then the senate has an obligation and opportunity to advise and consent. that is the way this ought to be done. not the president saying i will wait and try to decide when the congress is in recess. the court ruled that is not up to the president to decide. the senate gets to decide when they are session and when they are not the. >> shannon: the senate also is considering the nomination of former senator hagel to become the defense secretary. he has been grilled by some colleagues on the hill. what are the greatest concerns. you outlined a number. let's start with iran. >> in terms of iran i think that chuck hagel is not really committed to making sure iran does not have nuclear weapons. when you take a look at the things he has written with his
10:45 am
global zero policy, eliminating some of our abilities as america, maybe even to unilaterally disarm, i think that he is not really right for the job and that is why i'm coming out against him. >> shannon: and, of course, the concerns go hand in hand with israel our ally in the region. he has take and lot of tough questioning about that and the former senator has said that he absolutely supports israel unequivocally. why s not enough to convince you? >> he has a book that he has written since leaving the senate and when you look at his history and his record you have to decide do you believe all of those things or decide what he is presenting just in one day if testimony and watching that testimony i mean to me it appeared week and wonley. unconvincing. seems to me that former senator hagel was much easier on the other side of the panel asking
10:46 am
the questions than he is on the other side is having to answer them. >> shannon: defense secretary panetta has been clear he is concerned about pending defense cuts through the sequester and other means and talks about the fact that it would be devastating. those are his words. are you convinced that senator hagel shares his concerns for that and would do what he could to protect the pentagon and military? >> i'm not convinced at all, shannon. what secretary panetta said i think is the truth and previously chuck hagel said he thought there was a lot of bloat in the defense budget and he could take a lot of that out. i have just gotten back from afghanistan visiting with our men and women in the field our troops and want to make sure that they have what they need during the drawdown but need to make sure there are enough troops there to continue the job that needs to be done and i would be very concerned if secretary hagel is making recommendations to the president that would take out all of the troops immediately. >> we know you have a busy time there on the hill with the
10:47 am
domestic and international issues. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me, shannon. >> shannon: a job listing that involves lots of green. not talking about cash. the most clicked stories are next. plus, the super bowl superexpensive ads. are they worth it? all of the guys in the studio probably think that one is worth it. brenda buttner tells us, next. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur here at the hutchison household. but one dark stormy evening...
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>> shannon: washington state is looking for consultant with a very unique set of skills. pothead is. one of our most clubbed stories. now, that imagine is legal in washington the state needs to figure out how to regulate it, grow it and bake it in some instances. the agency reserved a convention hall plus an overflow room for all of the people interested in learning more about the position. the most expensive ads of the year and sometimes steal the show on game day. what advertisers are doing to make sure they win the high stakes high cost game of super bowl commercials. hey, brenda. >> hey, shannon. when you pay this much for an ad you want a lot of bang for your buck. make that bucks. big ones. this this case, $3.8 million.
10:52 am
the record price tag for are a precious 30 seconds during the super bowl. granted that buys a lot of eye gall balls. last year's game drew out of ten of them say they are as interested in the commercials as the super bowl itself. but this year's playbook has ads getting more than one play. countless contests. uber you tube. in your face on facebook. many companies previewing the ads before kickoff in the hope of scoring big. the mercedes commerce with a supermodel washing a car has been a tease and audi voting which of three endings will show on game day. viewers with skin in the game may create more buzz. another trend this year, some firms paying up for longer ads, at least two, two minute commercials on a couple of 60 second spots. and partyers also expect eye candy in ads.
10:53 am
i know my brother phil and his baseball team the sacramento royals who are national champions in the senior league this year will like that at their super bowl party. way to go royals you are my team. and everybody enjoy the ads and game this evening. sorry, shannon i'm just a proud sister. >> i am as well. congrats your brother. >> thank you. >> big businesses aren't the only ones trying to cash in this time of year. a new law could allow companies to recoup credit card fees bypassing on charges to consumers. large retailers can negotiate rates but you smaller businesses lack the ability to negotiate and more likely have to pass on the charges to you the consume iser when you play with plastic rather than cash or check. today a big day and returning for another year is the incredibly adorable puppy bowl. we will be joined by the lead referee and his special guest right after this break. anyone have occasional constipation,
10:54 am
diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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10:57 am
>> shannon: the day after the super bowl should be a national holiday. the declaration from a group of dedicated super bowl fans on the white house petition website. right now 14,000 signatures but it needs to have 100,000 signatures by february 23 to warrant an actual response from the white house. the white house increased the number of signatures needed for are a response shortly after responding to a petition urge
10:58 am
the construction of a death star. the puppy bowl will undoubtedly be filled to the brim with memorable moments. the first to incorporate slow motion replays. and the business sel bissel kie show is back by popular demand. dan is back with us. great to see you. >> great to see you guys. >> might have is a ravens fan there. who is that? >> jack from animal haven here in new york city. he s up for adoption. a three month old shet mix. he is saving his energy for the big game. >> he is adorable. a tough job that you have because puppies are are often uncontrollable and i know that you will be able to throw flags for penalties like excessive cuteness. how does one make that decision? >> usually excessive cuteness
10:59 am
applies to more than one dog. if two dogs are doing something that is super cute and will distract the game i have to throw the flag. puppies are cute so. >> shannon: i would be throwing them all day long. and you have hedgehog cheerleaders and also the blimp is speared and powered by hamsters. this is all animal species. many now being include. >> they should call it zoo bowl. hedgehogs and kittens and the tweeting bird, the bird in the stands tweeting out the action during game day and the great thing is all of the puppies all 63 are are available for adoption. all from shelters and rescue centers across america. >> shannon: such a great point not to be lost in all of the adorableness. a great chance to highlight the animals out there in shelters and a good spot light on them today. >> go to pet finder .com while you watch the puppy bowl and if the puppy you want is not available they will h

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